The Goodness Of Cold Pressed Oils.

Cold-pressed oils in India are again seeking pathways into the kitchen pantries. Is it good? Let’s find answers…


  1. Possess natural properties

As the extraction process of cold-pressed oil doesn’t involve heat, the resultant product retains most of its natural physiological and chemical properties. These properties also include some essential qualities, such as taste. 

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  1. Good for heart

The heart is one of the most critical body parts, which helps in pumping blood. To keep it safe, one can trust cold pressing oils. It won’t be wrong to consider it “healthiest oil for deep frying”. Why? They possess omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in abundance, which helps in reducing bad cholesterol. Moreover, it also contains plenty of zinc, vitamin A, C, E, D, and potassium. Hence, you can also rely on cold-pressed oils for good vision. 

What are the best cooking oils for the heart?

There are many healthy cooking oils that you can consider introducing in your daily diet—for instance, organic coconut oilcold-pressed groundnut oilcold-pressed sesame oil, etc.

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  1. May promote brain health

Did you know that diets rich in cold-pressed oil can also promote brain health? Well, they can! MIND diet or Mediterranean: DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative delay diet recommends cold-pressed oils for cooking. This approach combines the traditional Mediterranean diet and Dietary Approaches and attempts to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet. 

A popular study found that the MIND diet can help retain mental sharpness, even after a stroke. Besides, it also found it helpful in reducing the rate of Alzheimer’s disease.


  1. No Trans-fat presents

Did you know that fats are one of the most essential components of a balanced diet? It helps our body in performing a lot of functions smoothly. However, Trans-fat isn’t good, and hence, one should avoid or lower its consumption. Moreover, at frying temperature, conjugated double bonds systems are detected in oils. Therefore, hot pressed oil might involve some trans-fat oil in them. As the extraction of cold-pressed oil uses no industrial process, it needs no refinement to become consumable. They possess no trans-fat and are 100% healthy

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  1. Less consumption

In the cold-pressing technique, the filtration process of oil is done manually.

Manual filtration of oil usually leaves it more viscous; moreover, its flavours also remain safe. This reduces the consumption of oil by 20% as compared to refined industrial oil. So while cold-pressed oil might seem expensive, it really is not as expensive as you need to use on one fourth compared to refined oils. Therefore, if you are looking forward to including healthy cooking oils in your kitchen pantries, consider cold-pressed oil!


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Is that it? 

Actually, no! Here are some other benefits of using Cold-pressed oil

  • No pesticides presents 
  • Rich in Vitamin E and micronutrients.
  • Rich antioxidants.
  • Helps with inflammation

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