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Looking for A2 Ghee?
But Don't Know if A2 Ghee is...

  • Rich in Vitamin D, Omega 3 & Omega 6
  • Good for skin & hair
  • Good for heart health
  • Good for digestion & Acidity
  • Sodium Free (Beware of Inferior/Fake Products)
  • Most Important ingredient in Indian Household
To choose the best
Choose Sow Fresh A2 Ghee


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    Did you know!

    94% Of The Ghee Sold In The Market Has No Nutritional Benefits And Are Major Source Of Trans Fats.

    Sow fresh A2 Ghee is rich in
    • Vitamin A – Reduces Acidity
    • Vitamin D – Improves bone density. Remove Oestoporosis
    • Vitamin E – Good for Skin Hydrates, Dry Skin
    • Omega6 – Reduce hair fall & promote hair growth
    • Omega3 – Mono Saturated fats Reduces risk of cancer.
      Anti-oxidant. No nasal congesttion
    • A2 Ghee has good enzymes that light up our stomach. Repairs damaged stomach cell

    Size: 1 LTR


    Rs. 2,990.00

    Sow fresh A2 Ghee is tested for
    • Certified A2 Milk
    • Zero Adulteration
    • 23 Point Quality Control
    • Paraben Free

    Size: 500 ML


    Rs. 1,690.00

    Sow Fresh A2 Ghee is good for
    • Expecting Mothers
    • Infants/Babies
    • Children
    • Senior Citizens
    • Fitness Conscious People

    Size: 250 ML


    Rs. 890.00

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    With Every Purchase You Contribute To

    1. Cow Welfare
      • Our cows are organic grass-fed & Free-graze & we give positive Vibrations for their well being
      • We practice no animal cruelty and do not force the cows for excess milk
    2. Empowering Women
      • We employ women labor from Nearby villages which help them to support their families.
    3. Low Carbon Footprints
      • Promote a lower carbon footprint & A Greener environment by using recyclable sustainable packaging
    4. Reduce Plastic Waste
      • Reduced plastic consumption & our association with GFI (Garbage Free India).

    Why A2 Ghee is Expensive?

    • Every Litre of A2 Ghee requires minimum 25 Litre of milk
    • If we consider Certified A2 Milk from pure Gir & Sahiwal Cows as Rs 90/- per litre
    • 25 Litre milk would cost: Rs 90×25=2,250 
    • Processing through Bilona Process to control the Aroma, fat content and Natural Property of the Milk, along with award winning taste
    • So if you are purchasing A2 Ghee below 2500/-, Think Again if its actually Pure A2 Ghee.

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    People Generally Ask Us

    What is A2Ghee?

    A2 Ghee is made from A2 Milk. A2 Milk is produced from GIR & Sahiwal cows who are not cross bred & Come from a pure lineage.

    What are the uses of A2 Ghee?

    It can be used in:


    • Used as a base to cook vegetables/ lentils/ pulses/ Rice/ Grains & other foods. 
    • Can be used for Frying as it is heat stable
    • Used on Parathas/ idlies/Dosas/Chownk for nutrition & Flavoring.
    • Used to make Indian Deserts like Halwas, Barfi, Balushahi, Jalebi etc.
    • Expecting Mothers, Young children, Senior citizen, fitness _____ mix in the milk for better lubrication of their systems.


    • Some people use it to massage their bodies for soft & supple skin & good blood circulation.
    • Earlier in Ancient India It was common for royalty to get a ghee massage for muscle strengthening.
    • People Apply ghee on Chest & Feet to prevent cold, cough & Flu; Especially for Children & Seniors. 

    How will A2 Ghee benefit me? Why is it good for me?

     Sowfresh A2 ghee has Vitamin E which improves skin & Hair. It also has omega 3 & 6 Which improves immunity.  It has Vitamin D Which improves your bones. It is Sodium Free & sharpens the brain

    Why is the price so high?

    Sowfresh A2 Ghee is made from pure free graze on grass fields GIR & SAHIWAL cows that are not cross bred. These cows are specifically found in few regions of India & Naturally give limited quantity of milk. For making 1 Ltr of A2Ghee 25 Ltrs of A2ghee Milk Required. 

    Our Ghee is made by the bilona process, where we first turn the milk into curd & then Ghee for controlling the fat content. This makes the cost of our ghee higher than others. Additionally, We have 2-3 steps quality control system & each batch is tested for the consistency, Purity & quality. All this ensure the award winning taste & Aroma of our Ghee.

    Which Brand to choose?

    There are many brands in the market & Many claim to be A2 Ghee; However only a few produce by certified A2 Milk & strict quality control. For sow fresh, We go by our customer’s feedback & support which has lead to a 73% Reorder rate. We understand that buying SowFresh A2 Ghee can be a significant investment for monthly groceries. However, the health benefits far outweigh the money spent. Our customers return to us with blessings and thanks for the health benefits they achieved directly or indirectly choosing sow fresh A2 ghee.

    How does A2 Ghee helps in reducing nasal congestion?

    NYAVA an ayurvedic therapy to help reduce nasal congestion. Put 2 drops of warm sowfresh cow ghee in your nasal passage while lying down. This will stop your nasal congestion

    Can A2 Ghee helps in reducing chest congesttion?

    Put 2 drops of A2 Ghee raw on your palm and rub it on your chest, this will reduce chest congestion, specially for babies

    Can we consume A2 Ghee raw?

    Yes, it is excellent for improving impurity if consume raw recipe:- Take a glass cup of warm milk and add 1 teaspoon of A2ghee & add a pinch of timeric & have it before sleeping

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