Cost of organic food today is less than the cost of medical expenses tomorrow

The difference between organic and non organic food is basically how they are grown.

Organic produce have evidently found to have fewer pesticide residue than the traditionally grown produce.

It is undeniable that organic food does cost more than the non-organic/traditional produce, but the benefits that organic produce offer are likely to be more than the non-organic one’s.

The basis of the benefits, both to the environment and to us humans, lies in the fact that organic farming eliminates the use of synthetic (human made) pesticides, fungicide, herbicides and fertilisers rather they essentially rely upon natural pesticides approved for the purpose of organic farming.

Yes, organic produce costs higher but they also reduce your exposure to artificial chemicals, hormones and antibiotic resistant bacteria in turn keeping you healthy and going easy on your medical bills.



A few studies have shown that organic produce has a higher level of vitamin C, certain minerals and antioxidants, which aids to protect the body from anti-aging, cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

It is evident and true that organic produce doesn’t last for much longer period and burns a hole in your pocket but the amount of petty money you save today by purchasing non-organic produce would consequently lead you to pay hefty amounts of medical expenses later in future.

Not only is organic farming good for our health but is also environment and animal friendly. The produce is not pumped with harmful and life threatening chemicals and pesticides rather it uses naturally derived pesticides to aid growth of the produce.

Sow Fresh farming is an environment friendly approach in a way that it reduces soil erosion, it conserves water, increases soil fertility and in no way negatively affects the life of all those animals and humans residing around that organic farm.

Organic produce is not genetically modified or altered. In traditional farming or non-organic farming the DNA of fruits or vegetables or animals are genetically modified in ways that are not natural and that leads to a vicious cycle of bad and unhealthy produce, which later on results in deteriorating health of everyone consuming that produce.



At the start, choosing organic food over the non-organic ones will be heavy on your pockets but it’s safer and disease free. Come to think of it, it’s better and wiser to spend a reasonably more amount of money now than to spend thousands of Rupees later to cure the diseases that the non-organic produce cursed you with.

Therefore, to say Organic produce is a safe bet to make.

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